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It’s clear the recession is driving a return to cash-based payments as an easier way for customers to control spending. But with more cash in the POS, the temptation – and opportunity – is even greater for dishonest staff to pocket small sums of money.

Illegal discretionary discounts or passing items over the scanner but not actually scanning them can compound the problem. Applied sporadically to disguise any pattern, these can easily go unnoticed by in-store management and colleagues.

Torex™ Business Analysis Loss Prevention can identify regular drops in sales when a particular member of staff operates a POS. The system scrutinises millions of transactions to automatically identify anomalies, producing reports which alert head office to inconsistencies when they develop. For this reason, they are also useful for identifying and correcting errors by inadequately trained associates, unknowingly misusing a POS.

Within just a few days of monitoring and reporting, suspicious trends can be spotted and the appropriate action carried out. The importance of a rapid response cannot be under estimated. If criminals go undetected, they will quickly grow in confidence and further dent a retailer’s profits. A swift response to any incident is also likely to deter

other employees from considering following suit and engaging in internal theft.

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Sysrepublic helps retailers worldwide to reduce their costs and increase their profits through the use of our market leading Retail Intelligence and Integration solutions.

Our pioneering spirit and deep retail experience enables us to provide simple solutions to complex retail challenges, making us a trusted partner with some of the world’s largest retailers - 67% of UK supermarket traffic is being continuously examined using Sysrepublic Loss Prevention and Retail Integration solutions.

Since 2002, customers that depend on Sysrepublic solutions include: Tesco, Asda Wal-Mart, Sainsbury’s, Fresh and Easy, Marks and Spencer, Metro and HMV.

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TAG Company

TAG Company is a full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider which offers users with an unbiased and consultative approach to Loss Prevention and tagging solutions.  TAG's understanding and experience in working across multiple retail environments results in the design and provision of tailored solutions for retail and other organisations who have recognised the need to address shrinkage to drive profitability using many of TAG’s exclusive products such as EASiCap for bottle protection and the Self Seal range for entertainment media.

Managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals with years of EAS and retail experience, TAG focuses all of its' resource and development into retail tagging to ensure the best solution and service level is delivered first time, every time.

Tel: 0800 781 3598         

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