Addressing key loss prevention challenges





General overview

Welcome By John Wilson and Torex


Staff violence

Freedom from Fear

  • Action against violence and intimidation in the retail environment
Doug Russell – Senior Health and Safety Officer, USDAW







Collaboration is the new competition:

  • What is the Retail Loss Prevention Fashion Forum?
  • Learn how the UK’s leading fashion retailers are successfully collaborating and sharing best practice to beat criminals and internal fraudsters

Richard Lawrance, Head of Audit and Loss, Monsoon and Mitch Haynes, Group Head of Security, Aurora Fashions Ltd






Technology or people?

  • Both are essential to a successful retail operation, but which provides the best return on investment in protecting profits?

Geoffrey Northcott, Head of Loss Prevention, Borders and MD of TLPC




 Sponsor presentation
  • “See theft. Stop it” – why is it so important to have visibility of your losses?
  • How employees are hitting the bottom line
  • Build a culture that combats fraud

Charlotte Kula-Przezwanski, Enterprise Product Manager, Torex

12.00 -12.30

Retail Stocktaking

Out for the Count

  • Why the recession has driven more retailers to outsource stocktaking as they target shrink as a way of protecting margin

Introduction by Peter Davies - Associate Director, Orridge. Speaker: Simon Rosenberg, European Outlet Manager, Calvin Klein – encompassing Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans, part of the Warnaco Group

12.30 -1.00

Managing LP technology in a downturn

Sweating the assets

  • How the recession is making loss prevention more creative
  • How to make the most of legacy systems in a downturn
  • How to drive down losses and gather vital market intelligence

Steve Hearn, Head of Safety and Security, Jaeger

1.00 -2.00



After lunch delegates can choose to continue with this programme or join the ‘Online’ stream


2.00 - 2.30

Best practice

Enabling new online business channels, securely

Sharing ideas and experience on:

  • How e-crime manifests itself in an online payments environment
  • Some of the challenges we see online and the evolution of the criminal approach
  • How we protect ourselves and our customers from online crime

Garreth Griffith, Head of Risk Management, PayPal

Web closing in on crime

  • Why the Co-op has become the UK’s first retailer to build a dedicated crime and community website
  • What can other retailers do and what can they learn from the experience

Andrew Pope JP, National Business Crime Partnership Manager, The Co-operative Group

2.30 - 3.00

Internal shrink comms Collaboration

Loss Prevention & Retail working together


  • Organisation structure and  Retail/LP Strategy of Peacocks and how the Company benefits from the synergy at Senior/Board level
  • The process of identifying the "real issues" and finding solutions
  • "Front line" support, ensuring safe, secure and profitable stores
  • Creating impact. The launch of "Preventing Theft"
  • The wider team and moving forward together

Steve Brant, Operations Controller, Peacocks and Steve Bownass, Joint MD, Ambit Media

Current Fraud Trends, Future Threats and Fighting Back

  • Stay ahead of the fraudsters: They attack from inside and out!         
  • Where the next attacks are coming from and why collaboration is the key to winning the fight

Natalie Quest, Policy & Projects Manager, CIFAS

3.00 - 3.30

Law in action

Online Fraud

Retail Injunctions – the new ASBOs

  • The effectiveness of Retail Injunctions against persistent thieves or violent customers
  • How Mothercare and other retailers have used injunctions to best effect
  • How injunctions are proving more effective than fixed penalty notices and could even see violent or abusive customers take a short cut to jail if they breach the new civil orders

James Haddleton, Senior Retail Partner DWF Solicitors and Mark Ricketts, Head of LP, Mothercare

New fraudster techniques and the latest tools to stop them

  • B&Q describe the latest techniques fraudsters are trying to get through B&Q’s defences
  • B&Q illustrate how they use fraud prevention tools and return on investment
  • 192business offer the latest fraud prevention techniques in order to stop fraudsters in their tracks

Michelle Dixon, Marketing Manager, and Richard Davies, Head of Fraud, B&Q



4.00 – 4.30


Attack from all sides or solutions at hand?

Examines the risks and solutions present for today’s online retailer.

Fraud losses: Operational losses from fraudulent transactions

  • Chargeback and refund costs
  • Cost of shipped stock
  • Restrictive acceptance

Opportunity losses: Not maximising revenue or growing business

  • Failed customer conversion
  • Lack of payment options

Margin losses: Through increased cost of eCommerce platform

  • Costs of staffing processes & platform scalability
  • Costs of attaining and retaining large scale PCI data security compliance

Michael Norton, Managing Director, PayPoint

  • Working together with retailers to deter and detect retail crime since 1997
  • How the RAC model has developed to the benefit of members
  • The impact of organised travelling teams on store profitability

Maxine Fraser, National Executive, Retailers Against Crime

4.30 – 4.45 


4.45 – 5.30

Networking Drinks reception

Following the summit at 4.45pm, there is the opportunity for delegates to enjoy a complimentary 9-hole round of golf.

The Retail Bulletin reserves the right to change this programme at any time

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