Addressing key loss prevention challenges
The total UK costs of retail crime consist of the losses from thefts by customers, staff and suppliers, and the costs of security and are a staggering £3,863* million per annum.

The Retail Bulletin’s Loss Prevention Summit, sponsored by retail technology specialist Torex, will address the key loss prevention challenges facing retail and online retail executives in the UK. The program offers a mix of sessions including keynotes, case studies and Q & A sessions. 

The event will enable delegates to benchmark their retail loss prevention strategies and share ideas to enable increased profits through minimising losses from customers and staff both in store and online. 

* Source: Global Retail Theft Barometer 2008

Attend this event and find out how to:

  • Implement IT solutions to protect profits
  • Address the growing issue of violence due to crime in the retail sector and implement strategies in the workplace to combat this threat to your employees
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders in the fight against Loss Prevention
  • Identify and reduce online crime
  • Introduce cost effective and reliable stocktaking solutions
  • Make the law work for you and your business
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